14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Love all the new content but can the titanic struggle go to the top of the mobile site? It’s a pain to scroll so far down

  2. The organization depth chart link under the “The Farm” heading seems to be broken at this time.

    So far site changes look good.

  3. when the batter kept stepping out on cingrani and making him stop half-way thru his wind-up. what would happen if cingrani just kept on with the pitch and just hit the batter?

  4. Just got my Redlegnation Hat today.. Very impressive. I honestly just wanted to donate something to the site because of all the great content you guys provide. But I’m really happy to receive such a quality level hat. (And that’s coming from someone who works in the Fashion Industry in Sourcing). I will definitely be wearing mine to the Reds games I go to all summer. :)

  5. Why can’t I get all your updates on the mobile version? I thought you had just cut way back on the information and was greatly disappointed. I normally check in on my phone and would see very few posts, but recently I checked on my computer and found out there were many posts I had not been able to see on my phone. If there is a way to fix that it would greatly appreciated.


  6. The Reds have a great manager on payroll. Too bad he is home in California. Dusty’s leadership is clearly missed. Price has lost the respect of his
    players at the all-star break.

    Joey Votto would be playing for respect for Baker. Price should be warming up
    pitchers in the bullpen.

    From 90 wins to 90 loses and this years
    team is better. What a joke.

  7. Gentlemen,

    I love all of the added content and featured stories. That said, on iOS mobile, I had to scroll through nine stories, stories I had already read and enjoyed, to get to the game recap. Is there any way to change that?


  8. Steve , did I say say something inappropriate in a comment a little bit ago. It was a tongue in cheek ribbing of people who were expecting gloom and doom. Nothing was meant to be nasty or objectionable. If it was my apologies. Doug ( gusnwally)

    • No problem. Just keep the comments focused on the Reds and not other people here. That’s our line.

  9. Love the site, check it daily…

    With that being said, I think someone should “go to bat” for Walt Jocketty.

    Signing Chapman
    Signing Simon
    Trading for Desclafani and the cost control assoc
    Trading for Suarez and cost control
    Signing Iglesias and the 7 years of cost control associated.

    I feel like he gets trashed on here for some of the moves he is forced to make on a small market budget.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  10. I want to give a big “Thank You” to Redleg Nation for partnering with TiqIQ ticket services. TiqIQ is fast and easy to navigate and the prices are unbelievably good.

    As this season winds down I also want to give another heart-felt “Thank You” to everyone who works to make Redleg Nation happen. I know you people never rest and I’ll be here every day throughout the off-season to help get my Reds fix. Again, thank you all.

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