2013 Reds / Chapmania

On the Aroldis Chapman rumors [Update: Not so fast...]

Not getting upset just yet about Chapman report. Waiting for confirmation before blasting what would be a terribly short-sighted decision. — Redleg Nation (@redlegnation) March 21, 2013 Rest assured, the Editors will have a response prepared, should this come to pass. At this point, however, all we have is a single report, without confirmation from … Continue reading

2013 Reds / Chapmania / Dusty's Lineup Shenanigans

Dusty Baker is wrong, Walt Jocketty is right

I hadn’t written about this subject, because I really wanted the whole issue to go away. I should have known better than to be optimistic about that. Here’s our friend Dave Schoenfield from ESPN: Manager Dusty Baker — and the players — think Aroldis Chapman should remain the team’s closer; general manager Walt Jocketty, with … Continue reading