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One Million Pairs of Eyes, Part Two: You Can’t Drive If the Motor Won’t Start

Welcome back. I want to start by saying that I think the level of discourse yesterday was absolutely fantastic. There was a lot of respect offered to various viewpoints and I think the discussion moved forward instead of in circles. I’d like to see that again today, so let’s get started. RBI Matter Of course … Continue reading

2013 Reds / Baseball - General

One Million Pairs of Eyes, Part One: Riding the Clutch

Friends, Cincinnatians, countrymen, lend me your ears. Too often, lately, have we fought amongst ourselves. We are brothers and sisters. Mothers and fathers and children. We should be friends and not fight amongst ourselves. Still, there is a rift within the community and it is centered upon none other than Joey Votto, the Prodigal Son. … Continue reading

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More Braun than Brains (Part 3): Will MLB avoid the nuclear option?

Ed.: Michael Maffie is a graduate student studying Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University focusing on the relationship between litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is also a friend of the Nation, and we are happy to open our front page to him for an exploration of some issues currently facing baseball, and the … Continue reading