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The Chapman Blues

The Reds’ indecision over Aroldis Chapman’s role has cost $46 million of ownership’s money. That’s how much they’ve spent from 2012 to 2015 to avoid making Aroldis Chapman a bullpen pitcher. $21 million (Broxton extension) + $16.5 million (Marshall extension) + $8.5 million (Madson contract) = $46 million If the Reds would have simply decided a couple … Continue reading

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Editorial: On Aroldis Chapman and Unilateral Disarmament

[This post was written by Steve Mancuso and co-signed by the editors of Redleg Nation.] Research on the brain shows that when we witness or learn of an emotional and shocking event, a surge of adrenaline encourages the formation of vivid, lasting recollections. They’re called “flashbulb memories” because of their nearly photographic nature. Depending on your … Continue reading