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5 thoughts on “Podcast #119: Flying Solo

  1. I am with you Chad on every point. They look bad. It appears they will not be getting any better soon. But I will be watching and ging to the park for the rest of this season any hopefully many more to come. Thanks for the half hour session. As they say misery loves company

  2. In his Wednesday morning BAR C.Trent talked about that he had written all there was to write and that was there was nothing new or different. It sounds like you second that emotion; and, I think many of us are felling it too.

    I think they can rebuild without “blowing it up”; but I’m not sure it can be done until the off season. And, I believe to rebuild they are going to have to do something unpleasant and out of their recent character, trade pitching, good pitching. Just look at the Latos deal from the reverse direction. That is the sort of deal the Reds need to restock their org with MLB ready position players; and, doing it is the key to rebuilding quickly since they don’t have the money to go out and buy FA players.

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