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Reds-related audio (non-Marty Brennaman category)

Have you listened to the latest episode of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast? If not, why not? Go listen, and subscribe so that you’ll receive every episode of the show.

We’ve mentioned it before, but our buddies over at the Enquirer have a pretty good thing going with their podcast, as well. It’s actually a live show, hosted by Enquirer writer C Trent Rosecrans and comedian Josh Sneed, and it’s a lot of fun. You can listen to the audio (here) of their latest show, featuring Reds Vice President of Baseball Operations Dick Williams.

There can never be enough Reds-related content, right? Now you can listen to people ramble about the Reds wherever you are. Honestly, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be excited over the opportunity to have my ridiculous accent delivered directly into your head.

2 thoughts on “Reds-related audio (non-Marty Brennaman category)

  1. Josh is awesome! I used to work with him back in his computer days. Funny guy then and a funny guy now. He and Rosencrans are a nice duo. And Chad, I love the RLN podcasts!

  2. Very good as always. Of course I am wondering why a team that seems to have lots of pitching irons in the fire and hasn’t produced a big RH bat since who can remember when was so quick to jump start Lorenzen as pitching prospect when the rest of the world was ready to draft him as early as the 2nd round as a hitter.

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