2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.22)

I considered getting all deep and philosophical with today’s game thread but decided to just keep it simple again.  Win and the Reds are tied for 2nd again.  Lose and they’re 2 games back of Pittsburgh, likely out of the division race unless something crazy happens in the last week, and preparing for a 1 game playoff.  If you believe the Reds can win today, then you have to believe they can win a 1-game playoff next week against these very same Pirates.

Dusty has made some lineup changes for today.  I’ll let someone else post it because every time I do, I make a mistake that someone corrects.  Perhaps I should just proof my own threads better.  Or perhaps the Reds should play really good baseball today and we will all live happily ever after!

Discuss the game here Reds fans!

267 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.22)

  1. Two hits for Heisey. Don’t have to worry if Hamilton can score from second on a hit. Excellent hustle from Heisey (no surprise there) to get to second base.

  2. If, and I say IF, the Reds manage to put, say, an eight or nine run lead on the board, what’re the odds that Joey or Brandon gets drilled?

  3. Votto you’re killing me! His defense and base running has been atrocious this year. If he runs hard and slides he is SAFE! Sit his behind the rest of the game.

  4. Did I see that correctly ? Did Votto not slide ? In any case, he took a base hit away from Frazier.

  5. If Joey was replaced for defensive purposes at the end of games by Hannahan, would it get him straightened out in the field?

  6. The TV replay showed that Votto was running to second and looking to turn to third, caught off guard by the throw back to second base. Not a failure to hustle, but probably should have gone harder into the base and slid. He was looking to round the base.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Stll bad baserunning. The ball did not get thru the IF, and it was not so remarkable that Barnes kept it in the IF. Getting to 2nd and keeping the inning going much more important than getting to 3rd, especially with 2 outs.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Votto is clueless base runner (and fielder I must say)… horrible. But he’s got his OBP – that’s all that matters… who cares if Frazer has more RBI’s than Votto

  7. John Fay on the radio was saying that he had asked a minor league person how Hamilton had 15 caught stealings this year. The answer is he got picked off a lot, including at second base. Also said there are catchers in the minors who have a great arm but just can’t hit enough to get to the majors.

    • @Josh:
      Do you really want Reynolds out there instead of Arroyo?
      Reds need at least 5 preferably a tough 6, cannot expect Simon to give you 3- 3 innings in 6 days

      Do not want to tear up your bullpen.

  8. Who else throws that pitch in a full count? Kid had zero chance of hitting that ball.

  9. Jim Day said Bronson has been sick for 2 days and is just “gutting” (pun intended) it out.

  10. If Billy continues to keep hitting the ball on the ground, I’m buying his stock more than ever.

  11. Heisey didn’t wait long enough for the pitcher to be distracted by Billy. Patience.

  12. If Hamilton is going to bat lead off for the Reds – say next year – Shin-Shoo Choo would be a great #2 hitter because he doesn’t mind taking pitches at all. He hits deep in the count almost every AB.

  13. Bronson now pitching the way he does with a large lead. With the bases empty, he’ll give up a solo HR but no walks.

  14. I will take that 3rd inning from Arroyo over the first 2, despite the Homerun. Need 3 more decent innings and pile it on

  15. Guessing it is going to be many years before Bruce’s RBI numbers are less than 30/100.

  16. Bronson’s looking better, not sure that we have good Bronson, but certainly not bad Bronson, maybe we have battling Bronson.

  17. Can you imagine next year’s lineup if BOTH Hamilton and Choo are hitting in front of Joey.


    We MUST resign Choo

    • Can you imagine next year’s lineup if BOTH Hamilton and Choo are hitting in front of Joey.


      We MUST resign Choo

      Heck with next year. How about right now and the post-season?

  18. Good news? Reds are up by 6 runs in after four innings. Bad news? The Pirates still have 15 more outs to make up the difference. Please make that happen Reds.

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