Down on the Farm / Minors

Down On The Farm

Games Played on 09/02/13

Minor League Player of the Day: Bakersfield RF Juan Duran: He went 3 for 3 with 3 HR (20) and a BB.


Louisville 7 – Indianapolis 5

Denis Phipps slugged a walk off Grand Slam HR with two outs in the bottom of the 9th to give the Bats the victory. Phipps went 2 for 5 with a HR. Mike Costanzo went 2 for 4 with a 2B and a BB. Mike Hessman went 1 for 3 with a 2B and 2 BB.

Yohan Pino got no decision as he went 4 IP and allowed 2 R on 6 H and 0 BB with 3 K. Nick Christiani added 1 IP of scoreless relief. Trevor Bell got the win allowing 1 R over 1 IP of relief.

The Bats completed the season with a 69 – 75 record in 3rd place in the International League West.


Mobile 10 – Pensacola 1

Corey Wimberly went 1 for 2 with a BB. Devin Lohman and Juan Silverio each doubled.

Robert Stephenson got the loss as he went 1 IP and allowed 3 R on 3 H and 2 BB with 1 K. Parker Frazier added 3.1 IP of scoreless relief.

The Blue Wahoos completed the season with a 59 – 79 record in 5th place in the Southern League South.

High A

Visalia 6 – Bakersfield 4

Juan Duran celebrated his 22nd birthday by going 3 for 3 with 3 HR (20) and a BB. Juan Perez went 2 for 3 with a 2B.

Fabian Williamson got the loss as he went 4 IP and allowed 5 R, 4 ER, on 5 H and 5 BB with 4 K. Ben Klimesh added 1 IP of scoreless relief.

The Blaze completed the season with a 55 – 85 record in 5th place in the California League North.

Low A

South Bend 11 – Dayton 1

Jeff Gelalich went 2 for 4 with a 2B. Beau Amaral went 2 for 4 with a BB and a SB. Humberto Valor went 2 for 4.

Jackson Stephens got the loss as he went 3.1 IP and allowed 5 R on 8 H and 3 BB with 4 K. Jesus Adames (2 IP) and Wandy Peralta (1 IP) each added scoreless relief outings.

The Dragons completed the season with a 65 – 74 record in 6th place in the Midwest League Eastern.


Billings 6 – Helena 2

Carlos Sanchez went 2 for 5. Adam Matthews went 1 for 3 with 2 BB. Daniel Paula homered. Jose Ortiz doubled. Avain Rachal and Nick Benedetto each walked twice.

Zack Weiss got no decision as he went 4 IP and allowed 1 R on 4 H and 2 BB with 0 K. Scott Brattvet got the win allowing 1 R over 3 IP of relief. Austin Muehring picked up his 6th save with 2 IP of scoreless relief.

The Mustangs have a 28 – 42 record in 4th place in the Pioneer League North. They have 6 games remaining on their schedule.

AZL Reds – The Reds completed the season with a 18 – 37 record in 4th place in the Arizona League Central.

7 thoughts on “Down On The Farm

  1. Congrats to Denis Phipps! That’s every kid’s dream and a nice finish to a relatively sour year for the Bats.

  2. Not one Reds minor league team finished or will finish with a winning record. Not one. Yuk. Good thing the Reds aren’t relying on alot coming up in the near future.

  3. Juan Duran at Bakersfield hit 15 homers in 204 ABs in the second half in High A. He is listed at 6’7″, 205 and a RH-hitting left fielder.

    He is worth keeping an eye on. He needs to strike out less and walk more, but he seems to be on the right track.

    • With all games except the final week at Billings completed, here’s a casual look from the Old Cossack’s POV at the good, the bad & the ugly for the Reds minor league system by position:


      .235/.328/.374 @ AAA Nevin Ashley (age 29)
      .260/.348/.348 @ AA Tucker Barnhart (age 22)
      .248/.344/.394 @ A+ Chris Berset (age 25)
      .262/.330/.313 @ A+ Yovan Gonzalez (age 23)
      .247/.328/.332 @ A- Joe Hudson (age 22)
      .279/.339/.526 @ ROK Jose Ortiz (age 19)


      .240/.328/.495 @ AAA Mike Hessman (age 35)
      .242/.316/.364 @ AA Travis Mattair (age 24)
      .301/.406/.514 @ A+ Marquez Smith (age 28)
      .251/.288/.384 @ ROK Carlos Sanchez (age 22)


      .274/.319/.335 @ AAA Henry Rodriguez (age 23) on 40 man roster
      .278/.339/.343 @ AA Ray Chang (age 30)
      .227/.288/.296 @ AA Brodie Greene (age 26)
      .265/.311/.384 @ A+ Ryan Wright (age 23)
      .292/.347/.415 @ A- Joe Terry (age 23)
      .261/.393/.372 @ ROK Avain Rachal (age 19)
      .269/.329/.355 @ ROK Ty Washington (age 20)


      .271/.313/.414 @ AAA Neftali Soto (age 24) on 40 man roster
      .261/.368/.439 @ AA Mike Costanzo (age 30)
      .286/.304/.473 @ A+ Juan Silverio (age 22)
      .305/.381/.453 @ A- Seth Mejias-Brean (age 22)


      .225/.295/.317 @ AAA Kris Negron (age 27)
      .236/.304/.331 @ AA Devin Lohman (age 24)
      .251/.299/.380 @ A+ Juan Perez (age 21)
      .263/.333/.358 @ A- Zack Vincej (age 22)
      .278/.333/.364 @ ROK Ronald Bueno (age 20)


      .268/.359/.358 @ AAA Josh Fellhauer (age 25)
      .248/.331/.385 @ AAA Denis Phipps (age 28)
      .262/.315/.385 @ AAA Felix Perez (age 28)
      .275/.363/.406 @ AA Bryson Smith (age 24)
      .245/.318/.424 @ AA Donald Lutz (age 24)
      .297/.388/.497 @ A+ Steve Selsky (age 24)
      .271/.386/.414 @ A+ Juan Silva (age 22)
      .251/.323/.450 @ A+ Juan Duran (age 22)
      .258/.304/.462 @ A+ Kyle Waldrop (age 21)
      .281/.379/.463 @ A- Jesse Winker (age 20)
      .284/.323/.469 @ A- Junior Arias (age 21)
      .280/.335/.423 @ A- Daniel Pigott (age 23)
      .292/.398/.422 @ ROK Jon Matrhews (age 22)
      .250/.336/.425 @ ROK Adam Matthews (age 23)


      .256/.308/.343 @ AAA Billy Hamilton (age 23) on 40 man roster
      .246/.326/.373 @ AA Ryan LaMarre (age 24)
      .267/.329/.385 @ AA Yorman Rodriguez (age 21) on 40 man roster
      .258/.312/.324 @ A- Beau Amaral (age 22)
      .326/.416/.597 @ ROK Phillip Ervin (age 21)

      The upper minor leagues were stacked with several non-prospects (too old, underperforming or both). These players are probably non-factors and have no future on the major league roster:

      Nevin Ashley & Chris Berset @ Catcher
      Mike Hessman, Travis Mattair & Marquez Smith @ 1B
      Ray Chang & Brodie Greene @ 2B
      Mike Costanzo @ 3B
      Kris Negron & Devin Lohman @ SS
      Denis Phipps & Felix Perez @ OF

      The middle minor leagues have several marginal prospects (aging or underperforming). These players are probably down to their last chance status to prove their value as a future prospect:

      Yovan Gonzalez & Joe Hudson @ Catcher
      Marquez Smith & Carlos Sanchez @ 1B
      Ryan Wright & Joe Terry @ 2B
      Josh Fellhauer, Bryson Smith, Donald Lutz & Steve Selsky @ OF
      Ryan LaMarre & Beau Amaral @ CF

      The lower minor leagues contain the bulk of the true prospects with a real chance to contribute at the major league level. These players must still prove themselves at the major league level or upper minor league level:

      Tucker Barnhart @ Catcher
      Henry Rodriguez, Avain Rachal & Ty Washington @ 2B
      Neftali Soto, Juan Silverio & Seth Mejias-Brean @ 3B
      Juan Perez, Zack Vincej & Ronald Bueno @ SS
      Juan Silva, Juan Duran, Kyle Waldrop, Jesse Winker & Junior Arias @ OF
      Billy Hamilton, Yorman Rodriguez & Phillip Ervin @ CF

  4. I know he didn’t have a great year, but I would liked to have seen Phipps get a September call up. I like him. He has a cannon arm in the OF and played well last year at the call up..

    • @RiverCity Redleg: The 40 man roster becomes an issue with a Phipps call up. Villareal had to be removed from the 40 man (no real issue with that move) in order to add Hamilton. If Phipps is added to the 40 man, Corky probably has to be removed and then the versatility to urilize Mesoraco and Hanigan as PH is lost.

      • @Shchi Cossack:

        Other than the 2011 season, Phipps been terrible. And he was 3-10 last year during his callup…sample size.

        I still don’t understand DFA’ing Villarreal (though he passed through waivers) and keeping Lotzkar on the 40 man. One in still only 25, was on your big club this year and pitched at AAA, the other is a former #1 (2007) who is 23, has only pitched 100+ innings once, and was demoted this year from AA to A+.

        And I can’t believe one of these other catchers (Ashley maybe) isn’t a better catcher, hitter than Corky….I do like having a 3rd catcher in September.

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