2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.02)

Fire up the grill, eat a hot dog or hamburger, enjoy the weather, and spend time with your family on this holiday weekend.  And while you’re doing so, turn on the tv or radio and enjoy the Reds kicking the tar out of the Cardinals on this Labor Day.

It’s a big series and a big week for the Reds.  This could really be a make or break week when it is all said and done.  Discuss the game here if you’re around the computer.  I honestly hope you’re spending the day doing something other than posting on here.  Shhh, don’t tell Chad I said that!

Go Reds!

225 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.02)

  1. Please get Chapman some work (and have someone else warming up).

    Also, I wonder if Marty would ever admit that Choo + Votto are the Reds’ co-MVPs, with a combined 110 RBIs between them…

  2. Does Matheny realize how much Axford struggles with us? I mean like “Carlos Marmol” kind of struggles?

  3. Love seeing Cairo in the dugout these days. Seems like he’s always racing to be the first to congratulate someone after a good play. We need to keep that kind of clubhouse presence around.

  4. Let’s hope Cozart keeps hitting. He may have finally figured out how to go with the pitch and hit it to the opposite field.

    Let’s hope!

  5. Thursdays game should be a sellout, its $1.00 hotdog night. Cincinnatians are well known for their alligator arms. : )

  6. THE HORROR, never again should the Reds allow back-to-back lefties in their lineup. The LOOGY effect is just far too strong.

  7. Are the Reds wearing their hitting shoes or what. They’re putting the bat on the ball today.

  8. Ludwick is swinging a lot better, timing is back. Really good to see. Need a right handed batter for the stretch run. Cozart as well.

    If we can only get the consistency…..

  9. Love Latos’ toughness … Latos, Cingrani, And Baily all tough…. Leake needs his groove back..

    Good game … Can we win two in a row ?

    Latos is by far the star

  10. Great day for Cincinnati sports. Latos complete game win vs Cardinals and Geno Atkins signing 5 year extension with bengals. I am a happy fan right now.

  11. Great win today…. Just frustrating the Reds drop two series to the rockies and brewers….if they win those series we’re talking about being .5 game out

  12. Don’t look now, but Latos has a 2.98 ERA and Wainwright is now at 3.14 after being at 2.58 all of two starts ago. Is there anything sweeter than absolutely obliterating a WLB’s bid for Cy Young this late in the season?

      • @homerandbruce: Couple more starts like that and he could probably be #2. I don’t think anyone’s going to beat out Kershaw though. 1.72 ERA and over 200 IP already? That smells an awful lot like possible NL MVP.

  13. I want to see this same line-up tomorrow the next day and the next day and the next day… Awesome for the Reds to win the opening game of the series. What can you say about Latos, he simply dominated today. Hope everybody has a nice Labor Day. We’ll get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  14. Awesome job by all. MVP of the game for me, Latos. But, Cozart and Ludwick seem to really be coming around. As long as they keep their head in the game.

  15. Really good game. Played the game the right way: no baserunning blunders, throwing the ball all over the field, forgetting how many outs there were, etc. Mat Latos is a beast.

    You can’t start a streak without winning the first one – so we got that. Really excited about tomorrow’s game and expecting another nice turn for Homer.

    An aside, I owe Baseclogger an apology – sorry for the snark attack today, hope you have a great Holiday.

    Go Reds!

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