2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.08.26)

Just another game, right?

It appears as if Dusty has finally constructed a lineup we can at least live with for this important series.  Cozart batting 8th, Mesoraco starting at catcher, A-team guys in there.  Now the question is can they hit enough to score runs and can Mike Leake do a better job against the Cardinals than he did the last time out against them?  Let’s hope the answers to both questions are: YES!

Discuss the game here and pull for a Reds victory!

517 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.08.26)

  1. Always a day late and a dollar short is Dusty Baker. Now the reliever has to come in with runners on 2nd and 3rd one out.

  2. It would be quite fun to see how many times this blog has lit up with calls of “TAKE THE STARTER OUT NOW!” only to have the starter give up another hit or two and then be relieved. How many times have we been one step ahead of the manager?

  3. Allan Craig is a better hitter than Joey Votto. There, I said it. Unbelievable. You can roast me for it but right now, he’s better.

  4. I know you can’t blame the umps, but Hoover should have thrown a curveball in there versus a 1st pitch FB.

  5. Ump called a strike on Ludwick that was exactly the same pitch that he called ball 4 to Holliday.

  6. Website crashed. Back in time to see Craig’s grand slam. Dusty’s incompetence gave the Cardinals momentum. Anyone who defends Dusty tonight better keep their neck away from my hands. Haha just kidding. (or am I) Go Reds!

  7. That’s the problem, until Hoover learns a good short sharp breaking ball everyone will sit on the fastball. That candy curveball he throws is very readable after you’ve seen it the first time.

  8. Cards are putting on a clinic against the Reds. God I wish we had a middle of the order guy like Craig. I like BP, but he’s not a middle of the order guy.

    • @CI3J:
      Some people can some people can’t… I guess I am in the minority on this site but I think there is something too it

    • Hitting better with runners in scoring position is a myth.

      Then there’s Allan Craig.


      Why does he only try hard with RISP?

  9. If I’m remembering Chris’s stat from earlier correctly, this will be the first time in 21 games that Leake was staked to a 4-0 lead and we lose

  10. Cards are just mentally tougher than the Reds. They know how to win the really important games and the Reds don’t. That’s why they get to NLCS’s and win World Series and the Reds get swept at home in the Division series.

  11. When the “MVP” forgets how many outs there are and starts jogging back to the dugout with 2 outs in a tight game (yes it happened), it comes down to coaching doesnt it?

      • @kywhi: I think he’s being sarcastic. Yes, that was a bad sign, even though is had exactly 0 bearing on anything game related. You think Votto forgetting how many outs there are made JJ Hoover groove a fastball to the best hitter in the league with RISP? If you do, get your head checked.

  12. Noone really believed even with the 4 run lead that this wasnt going to happen did they?? Spout bullpen numbers all you want but its when the pressures on that it matters and they fold like a lawn chair under pressure.

  13. The thing that bothers me the most about the idiot in the dugout is that he has no capacity to learn from experience. He literally is an idiot. How much longer do we have to wait before Big Bob and Walt figure out that he’s not the guy to win a championship with.

  14. Baker blows another game. Letting Leake face Beltran, not bringing in LeCure to face Holiday and Craig, even though Hoover struck Holiday. Pathetic loss and this team is just not good.

    • @Josh: Oh so, Baker should have brought in Parra so Beltran would have hit from the right side, where he was batting .326 with 16 homers compared to .268 with 7 homers batting left-handed?

      • @kywhi: That’s a fair point. On the other hand, Leake was over 100 pitches at that point. A fresher arm might have worked better. It wasn’t so much a matchup thing for me as just Leake at the point where he had gotten ineffective his entire career.

        • @Steve Mancuso: That’s just it. At 90-95 pitches, Leake combusts. Numbers prove this. Of course, Dusty doesn’t look at numbers.

          What’s the definition of insanity again?

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