2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.08.03)

It’s clear the Reds need something extra and I am here to provide it.  I will be making the 4 hour drive to Cincinnati to take my family to their first Reds game of the 2013 season.  Hopefully our presence at GABP will provide that extra umph the Reds need to bring home a win.

OK, me being there won’t amount to a hill of beans, but let’s hope I see some better life out of the Reds tonight than they displayed last night!  GOOOOOO REDS!

363 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.08.03)

      • @cincyreds14: This is what the Reds could do more often if Baker allowed big innings to develop. That cannot happen when you do stupid crap like sac bunts. It would happen more often if he didn’t do stupid crap like splitting his two best hitters because they are both left-handed. Play for the big inning every time.

    • @Y-City Jim: Hey Jim – please don’t take everything so literally – Bench had 2 MVPs by the age of 24 and had a rifle for an arm – Mez is already 25 – and is still working on his defense – plus JB could hold 6 balls in one hand – so of course he’s not!

  1. Pittsburgh ahead of the Rocks … looks like we’ll only pick up the game on the Birds tonight.

  2. Talk about a crappy outing.

    HR to left
    Walk a guy in an 0-25 slump
    HR crushed to right

    We will take it. Now let Chapman pitch anyway with the off day Monday.

  3. Pardon me boys, is that the Cincinnati Soo Choo. Yea! Baby! Back to back HR’s Mes & Choo 8-3 Reds bot. 8th.

  4. I think they need to start a counter of how many hittable pitches Votto sees in a game. It has to be an unimaginably low number. They keep throwing him garbage and he keeps walking.

  5. Complained about the handling of the sixth, so I need to counter that with compliments to Dusty for throwing Chapman in the ninth. He can be so streaky. This was a really smart way to get him back on track in time for a tighter situation. Good win tonight!

  6. Good job tonight!!!! I was scared after getting 0 runs after the bases were loaded w 0 outs I must admit! Isn’t worth a hill of beans unless you take the series tomorrow!!! Let’s hope the good Leake takes the hill.

  7. What do the Reds do when Johnny C comes back? Odd man out would seem to be Arroyo … just wondering because Tony C has looked tough, as has Leake, Bailey and Latos.

  8. After last nights good old butt whippin’ this game was especially enjoyable. Lets get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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