2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Brewers (2013.07.10)

All I ask today from my favorite professional sports team who plays a matinee game with the Milwaukee Brewers is that they GO!

Please Reds, just Go!

244 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Brewers (2013.07.10)

  1. Well, not the way you want to start this inning.

    Halton with his first career HR
    Bianchi (1 BB in 80 ABs before today) with his second BB of the game.

  2. Leake is channelling some kind of inner, Cardinals-type/dumb luck these last two innings. Nice damage control there.

    • The ump won’t give him the outside corner, so Leake working the inside corner !

      Either the camera angle of the CF cam is a bit off, or the ump is missing every outside corner pitch.

  3. I always wonder about plate discipline and pitch selection of a hitter when, like Weeks there, they take strike 3 that’s right down the middle and look surprised it’s a strike, or argue.

  4. @pinson343: It really was…BP gets a lot of flack for seemingly not taking the game seriously but when you watch plays like that you know he is always focused on the task at hand.

  5. The home plate ump has decided that Leake is a good pitcher after all and is now giving him strikes on both corners.

  6. Just got out of a meeting. Did I miss anything? Reds aren’t blistering the ball but at least they are scoring a few runs.

  7. The attendance at GABP is up over 110,000 people compared to 46 home games last year. You’ve got to think the Pirates series will be a sell out right after the ASG. Then after that is a Cardinals home series on a weekend.

  8. Wow. Wiping my eyes after reading that article about Votto inviting the dying Jim Crews and his family down on the field. Crews had ticket stub in his pocket to give to Homer Bailey from his no-hitter last year at Pittsburgh. Little did he know he’d be watching his final game and it would be another no-hitter by Bailey. So sad but cool.

    • @Kyle: I gotcha…and I agree I’m really enjoying being a dad (my first kid).

      Does she have big dark eyes like Rosey Red.

  9. @Gusandwally: Believe it or not she does. The first thing people comment about is how big her eyes are.

    I’m assuming “Rosey Red” is your daughter?

  10. OK, Reds fans … everybody get ready to come off the ledge. Leake has looked VERY good out there and unlike Tony the Tiger we actually supported him with runs all through the game. Loved his hustle on his last ground out plus a couple of nifty plays with his glove.

  11. L.A. Red, No I have 2 girls who are not big baseballers. My son however is a huge fan. All of them grown of course.Hopefully the grandkids will all love baseball.

    • Wow, Dusty actually bringing Chapman in the middle of an inning?

      NastyBoys: Yes and brought Chapman in one base runner before it became a save situation. I don’t like the modern limited use of closers, but Dusty at least showed he doesn’t care about Chapman’s save total (he’s been charged with that).

  12. Leake smiles as he trots off … he knew any base runner was his last batter. Fire up the Missle!!

  13. @Gusandwally: 1 out of 3 ain’t bad! And while my daughter doesn’t have to like baseball I hope she can appreciate the game a little bit. The first piece of clothing I bought her was a set of reds onesies. We didn’t know the sex of the baby before we had her (wanted to be surprised) so I when i bought it there was a chance she could have been a boy (even my wife thought it was a boy)!

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