2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans (2013.05.21)

The Reds will look to take the series tonight in game 2 of the series versus the Mets.  They’ll call on Mike Leake to get the job done.  Leake is having a nice season up to this point, which may come as a surprise considering many of us (myself included) have clamored for Chapman or Cingrani to have his spot in the rotation.  I am sure nearly 99% of MLB teams would love to have a guy with a 3-2 record and 3.72 ERA entering tonight’s game as their #5 starter.

While many eyes are waiting for tomorrow’s matinee pitching matchup, the Reds can secure their 6th win on this 9-game road trip with a win tonight.  Regardless of who is on the schedule, having a shot to go 6-3 or 7-2 on a road trip is a nice way to boost your record and your standing within the division.  Can the Reds get it “going” again tonight?  Let’s hope so.  Go Reds!

160 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans (2013.05.21)

  1. I’m in the minority, but I like George Grande, unless he’s broadcasting Pirate games. the term “Bucco” gets old after 50 times or so.

    I’m in the majority, I can’t stand Thom.

  2. I think Ike Davis is about ready to demote himself to AAA. When you’re struggling, don’t hit it near Phillips…

  3. I’m pro-Cingrani but I would be a liar if I didn’t say that Leake has pitched great ever since Cingrani was called up and he continues tonight. Well done Mr. Leake, well done.

  4. Come on folks. Lutz must go. Nothing personal, but we’re trying to win a World Series here.

    • Come on folks.Lutz must go.Nothing personal, but we’re trying to win a World Series here.

      Lutz has done fine. Has been good off the bench, is good in the field and can really run. I’m fine with the LF platoon of Paul and Lutz right now. It’s better than Heisey. I like Lutz better than Robinson. Who do you want in his place?

      • @AnnapolisHoosier: Well, I’m assuming Heisey gets his spot back when he’s healthy (and he should, it’s not like Lutz has lit the world on fire).

        The real question is, who should be the 5th OF? Although DRob is nothing special, I think Robinson is more useful. Faster + can play CF + switch hitter. Plus Lutz should be in the minors playing everyday, whereas Robinson is what he is.

  5. The Reds only have 1 pitcher(Broxton) on their whole roster with an ERA over 4.00. Wow. That is getting it done

  6. Dusty is gonna have Chapman pitch 3 days in a row, simply because this is a save situation, isn’t he?

  7. Something about Leake that I think people forget, is that the young man went from college ball straight to the Majors. He hasn’t had the luxury of learning and developing his skillz in the Minors. The fact that he has performed well enough to maintain his position on the major league roster is very impressive.

  8. I believe someone made a statement that the pitchers love to pitch to Hanigan. And, I am not doubting that. But, I will say this. I wonder how many times they have had to pitch to Devin? Or, how often had they had a chance to pitch to Devin? You can’t “love” to pitch to someone if you never pitch to someone. And, just like Bakerman said himself, “I will be mixing up the catching duties, so that everyone is prepared with everyone”, that is the way to work it. But, Baker has done anything but that. To where, the only time Devin will even be catching the other pitchers will be out of need, like with Hanigan’s injury. That becomes a double “situation” to work with, then, Hanigan’s injury “and” the other pitchers pitching to Devin. I would think that’s something you don’t want to happen; you would just make a Hanigan injury doubly difficult to work with.

      • @George Culver: I agree. I thought he would his first year up here, not so much last season, but more again this season. As well as, if given the chance, I believe there are several down there who could do the job fine. But, Bakerman won’t give anyone else the shot. He has plan A and never will consider a plan B until he has to have a plan B. He probably considers Plan B to be Walt’s problem, even though Bakerman has several guys down there who can be plan B.

    • @CP: Shoot, Mes could be leading the league in HR’s with as little playing time as he’s been getting, Bakerman won’t give him more playing time. Like someone said, not until Hanigan tires, not until Baker has to.

  9. Crazy closer business on display.

    First, Chapman was warming up for the ninth even though he’s pitched two consecutive games and the Reds have a three run lead, which any pitcher in the pen could finish off.

    Second, now that it’s a four run lead, Chapman sits down for someone else.

  10. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but since ol’ GG is back for another round, I’ll say I don’t mind George much. Mainly because his kind of pleasant pablum is so easy to ignore. Unlike Thom, who I can NOT ignore. I’ll take silence, thanks.

    Oh, and GO REDS!

  11. I think pitchers might prefer to throw to a catcher who can hit home runs. If Mes refines his stroke, he will look more attractive behind the dish.

  12. Wow, just glanced at Mesoraco’s stats v. Ryan Hanigan. I didn’t realize Hanigan’s HR the other night is his only extra base hit of the season. I’m willing to write off his first 50 ABs due to his injuries, which I blame Dusty & Walt for letting linger on so long, but that’s a rough stat line through May 21.

    • @HOF-13: I believe the Reds are back to the 4 games for Hanigan, 1 for Mes model. Which is sad. I hope I’m wrong.

      (I could also see it being a 7/10 games for Hanigan, 3/10 for Mesoraco)

    • @HOF-13: Same here, even though it’s not like Devin is “getting tired out or run down”. Devin would be able to handle it fine. I just don’t think Bakerman will catch Devin tomorrow.

  13. Battle of the undefeated tomorrow afternoon Latos vs Harvey (the invisible rabbit?) Gonna be a good old good one.

  14. Everything seems to be coming together for the Reds. Good pitching, good and timely hitting and as always excellent defense. A sweep of the Mets would be sweet. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  15. Can’t say I’ve ever been the biggest Leake fan, but a 3.25 ERA out of your #5 at this point is really, really good and he is doing well so far.

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