2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Braves at Reds (2013.05.06)

No nerdy quotes or attempts to speak Spanish in today’s game thread.  Just a flat out local rivarly matchup.  A majority of the people I know here in Virginia are either Reds fans or Braves fans.  So this series has plenty of bragging rights attached to it.  In fact, a buddy of mine is a big Braves fan, so he and I have attached a little twitter avatar bet to this series.  Needless to say I’ll be pulling extra hard for the Reds to win this series so I do not have to change my twitter avatar (@CoachWilson17) to a picture of Dale Murphy or something.

Bronson Arroyo takes to the mound tonight where he will look to cool down the solid Braves team.  Let’s hope the good Bronson shows up tonight.

Discuss the game here and LETS GO REDS!!!

319 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Reds (2013.05.06)

    • @CP: Wonder if MLB will let the Reds make a new division that contains just them and the Cubs. Sure wouldn’t mind playing like 81 games a year against the Cubs.

  1. Price to Ondrsek – “Don’t give up any more home runs! Oh, and stop walking guys or you can pick up your ticket to Dayton on your way out of the stadium.”

  2. I hate to say it, but for so long we have not been able to beat playoff-caliber teams. Thats why, if we make it again, I just dont see us doing much again in the playoffs.

    • @preach: 6 now.. but it wasn’t helped by letting Arroyo give up a free out in one inning, and then pinch hitting Izturis and Lutz back-to-back in another inning.

  3. Nice job by Cozart.

    (can’t help but cringe at the fact that every hit further cements him into the #2 spot, however)

  4. Man, if Todd Frazier hits a sacrifice fly. If Dusty doesn’t throw in the towel and uses his best relievers to win.

  5. Wow.. why didn’t he score on that? You’re down by 4. Where the heck did the Reds aggressive baserunning go?

  6. Why in the world was he held at 3rd? You have to know the Braves are 10x more concerned with the guy on first moving up than Votto scoring. Really coach?

  7. Mesoraco has bee a total bust. I really thought he would take off once given the starting roll. Hard to win when you get nothing from SS, C, LF or RF.

    • @RedForever: Total bust? Really? It’s only his 19th game this season. He’s 24 years old. He’s only played in 90 major league games.. not started mind you, just played in. Be it late game replacement or pinch hit.

      He also went from 17 BB/33 K last season to 9 BB/11 K this season so far. His walk rate is up, his AVG is up, and his OBP is up.

      Lets give the very talented (and visibly improving) kid a little more playing time in the majors before we take out frustrations on him.

      • @ToddAlmighty: I’m certainly giving him a lot more time. He’s young. But he has been disappointing so far, there can’t be any denying that. He looks bad up there when he swings, and he simply generates no power. Very disappointing.

        I really hope they stay patient with him. It’s going to be very hard to, though, for Baker, if Jay Bruce and whoever plays LF don’t start hitting the ball.

  8. Due up: Pitcher’s spot, Lutz, and Choo. I like Lutz, really, but from an offensive or defensive point it makes no sense to have left him in instead of Paul.

  9. Reds will not go anywhere until Bruce starts getting hits, especially with runners in scoring postion and Frazier gets better at plate discipline. Golden opportunity in the 8th wasted. Bruce is fouling off pitches that are fast balls, then getting behind in the count. That is why he strikes out so much. Not sure why Frazier felt he had to lunge at the first couple pitches??

    • @JEFFMO: You’ve watched a Dusty Baker/Brook Jacoby coached Reds for how many years now? And you’re not sure why Frazier felt he had to lunge at pitches?

      I could watch two games and know that, let alone watch it for multiple years.

  10. Tonight, instant replay would have made a difference in this game for the REds. Many blown calls.

  11. He trapped that ball without a doubt. Replay clearly showed the ball hit the ground first. But no arguments from Reds players or coaches.

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