2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Los Rojos at Los Stupido Cubs (2013.05.05)

I took four years of Spanish in school, 3 in high school and 1 in college.  With that much, you would think I could make this post in Spanish to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Unfortunately I can’t.  I am also sure the game thread title is incorrect as well, but since we’re talking about the Stupid Cubs, I’ll let it go as is.

Mat Latos takes to the mound today to try and complete the 3-game sweep of the Cubbies today and secure the Reds a .500 road trip.  The Reds probably need to start doing better on these trips if they have any real hopes of winning a championship this season, but considering how the last road trip went and how this one started, I’ll take a 5-5 trip at this point.

So let’s break out the brooms and get going Reds!  Discuss the game here.

226 thoughts on “Game Thread: Los Rojos at Los Stupido Cubs (2013.05.05)

  1. does anyone else feel worry-free when Latos is on the mound? if it wasnt such a windy day, he would even have had a home run.

  2. YES BRUCE! god i love that, going the other way. used to never see that. get those Ks down please.

    • More of the moribund Reds offense. Four straight hits – three runs.

      It is that reverse curse. Talk about how bad it is and it immediately gets better! :wink:

  3. Useful WGN stat… Reds have 100% run expectancy this year with runners on 2nd and 3rd no outs. Take that, Marty.

      • @CP: Agreed. I wonder if he’d see more good pitches to drive if he wasn’t hitting before the pitcher.

        I’d move Paul to 2, Mes to 7 and Cozart to 8. But that’s me. Dusty would look at me and go “Huh?”

  4. Brantley: Hitting in the #8 spot is tough on a young player because you know the pitcher isn’t going to give you any good pitches to hit. #someonetellDusty

  5. I think “moribund” means “potent” in Spanish. (my Spanish is a little rusty) The Cubs have the best camera crew in MLB.

  6. If the second base ump hadn’t been in front of that ball, I think BP sees it better and gets it. Hopefully it won’t matter.

  7. It’s too bad Reds can’t play the Cubs about 30 times. They are just god awful. I can’t imagine being a Cubs fan. Sheeeeesh

  8. Loved that sheepish grin on Bruce as he ran off after the faceplant. Bet he caught a little guff in the dugout.

    Nice play though, if not the most gazelle-like graceful.

    That Choo guy is pretty good, though. Where’d he come from?

  9. Reds should do a little hit-and-run here. They are last in MLB in stolen bases but they need to run more, especially when the wind is blowing in and you have one of your worst hitters up.

  10. Cozart being all aggressive and stuff. I didn’t realize we’ve been seeing the patient Cozart all along.

    Choo just taking care of business.

  11. Cozart is pretty good in that type of situation. If only Choo could be on third and not first all the time.

  12. Chris Heisey (hamstring) has been jogging and hitting.
    He’s yet to do any running, but Heisey said that doesn’t mean the hamstring isn’t getting better. “I can’t come off the DL for a week,” Heisey said. “There’s no reason to test it now. It feels good. Every day I’ve been able to go a little faster.”

    • @RedForever: He’s lucky to have a job at all. His walk rate is just sad. Career 6.1/9. This year it’s sitting at 9. Good things the Cubs suck and they don’t have to care.

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