2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.04.24)

Despite two losses to the Marlins and Cubs, the Reds still have a shot to secure an 8-2 homestand with a win today.  I don’t care who the Reds are playing, going 8-2 during any stretch of 8 games is pretty good. 

Mat Latos will take to the hill in search of his first victory of the season.  Latos has allowed 3 runs or fewer in each of his 4 starts this season and could just as easily be 4-0 rather than 0-0.  He’ll face off against the wide-receiver guy from Notre Dame in today’s afternoon faceoff.

It’s day game, and as per Redleg Nation tradition, tell your boss to shove it because you are watching the Reds game.  I know I will be watching from my computer today!  Go Reds!

269 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.04.24)

  1. Cubs announcers: “That’d be pretty good – Pitch a shutout and hit a home run all while your finger’s bleeding.”

    A little ahead of yourselves when he’s 2 innings in and down 0-2 in his first AB? Guess they have to talk about SOMETHING. Cubs baseball isn’t all that fun to chat about.

  2. Checking in… looks like their pecking at Samardiza but not quite breaking through yet? They’ll get there.

      • @CI3J: Yeah, it seems like this “shortstop of the future” stuff for Cozart may have been a little premature.

        The dropoff from Choo’s offense to Hamilton’s next year could be pretty huge. But it’s hard to imagine that Hamilton couldn’t top what Cozart’s doing right now.

  3. Brantley… you are awful. Joey Votto striking out is not an exciting thing. Please don’t call it as such.

    • @CI3J: Coming into today, he had three Ks on 0-2 counts — although it’s possible he fouled some off with two strikes.

  4. I’m ready for the Reds to try something different with batting instruction. I don’t like the approach of many of our batters. Maybe it’s not Jacoby’s fault or instruction at all, but repeating the same problems over and over doesn’t seem to make sense.

  5. 60 pitches in 3 innings and a bloody finger for Samardzija. Perhaps the Reds can break into the bullpen early.

  6. Gameday Scout says “Latos hold runners to .195 Avg in his first 45 pitches, but .259 after that” Dumb.

  7. I just realized that was Choo that got for Samardzija. I guess he figures if the pitchers are going to keep hitting him, he’ll start returning the favor and hit them.

  8. I’ll tell ya, if you didn’t know better you would swear Jeff Brantley was a Cubs announcer with the way he calls a Reds hitter striking out.

  9. I just saw the replay of Choo’s catch. He is looking MUCH more comfortable in CF. That was an excellent play on probably the hardest catch to make in CF, a line drive hit to the wall straight over your head.

  10. Latos starting to give up a lot of hard hit balls. Every start he’s made he’s been great early and fell apart late.

  11. Steve Mancuso said The Cubs network shows OBP as part of the regular graphic for each player. Lots of teams do that. I wish FSO would do it.

    The next banana phone rain delay, you should call Marty and ask him why he doesn’t cite the OBP stat when each batter comes to the plate. :D

    That is a serious question, in general though. When listening to the game, and a batter is coming up to lead off the inning (or any batter with the bases empty), what is more important – AVG, HR, RBI totals or OBP?

  12. @BillLack

    This is what I’m talking about:

    Latos pitch count / OPS against

    0-15 .483
    16-30 .423
    31-45 .778
    46-60 .906
    61-75 1.667

    • @al: small sample sizes, but that’s an excellent comment that adds something to the discussion. Well done, Sir :-)

  13. Think Brandon overplayed that calling Choo off. Should have let Choo take it. Hope that doesn’t bite us.

  14. Good job by Latos. Samardzija starts the bottom of the 6th having thrown 88 pitches. Time to make hay!

  15. I was just going to say – the last person I could remember hitting a ball that far in this park was Willy Mo Pena. Cubs announcers beat me to it.

  16. Scariest part is it didn’t even look like a particularly hard swing. That thing was just launched right out the front door.

  17. 482 ft HR by Todd Frazier. Can you imagine how far the ball would have went if he had used both hands. Wow!

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