2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.18)

Nothing special about tonight’s game is there?  Just a regular ol’ night at the ballyard.  The Reds will look to make it 4 straight wins. Oh, of course there’s the whole Tony Cingrani making his first major league start thing, but that’s it, right?

Yeah right!  That’s a big deal.  Cingrani was outstanding in Triple-A Louisville in a small amount of action this season and he’ll test his abilities tonight against a team that should be similar to those he faced in Louisvlle.

It’s Reds and Marlins.  Discuss the game here! Fishy-Fishay!  Go Reds!

157 thoughts on “Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.18)

  1. It feels a little weird for things to go pretty much exactly like you think they will in a major league game. I was pretty sure we’d make the Marlins look bad but this has just been sort of sad.

  2. You’d think Dusty would get Broxton some work, right? He hasn’t pitched since April 14th.

    Dusty learns from his mistakes, right?

  3. This kid Frazier is gonna make us NOT miss Scott Rolen. HIs defense will improve with time and his bat will also. Little League World Series champion to World Series champion. I like this

  4. WHAT? BROXTON GETTING WORK IN THE NINTH WHEN LEADING BY MORE THAN 3? Someone get the umbrellas–it’s about to start raining frogs.

  5. Its nice to see the Reds bats come alive. I’m not worried about Votto, he will join the hit parade soon enough. We’ll get em again tomorrow. Go Reds!!! Adios Amigos.

  6. I agree, great to see the bats out. I wasn’t that impressed with Cingrani myself. But, hey, he is our #6 guy. We can’t expect much more than that. I do see some good potential out there from him. I believe he may still need a bit more seasoning or something. It may have just been nerves. Or, even, it did seem like there was a heavy wind blowing out there. It may have been a distraction for him.

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