2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.18)

Nothing special about tonight’s game is there?  Just a regular ol’ night at the ballyard.  The Reds will look to make it 4 straight wins. Oh, of course there’s the whole Tony Cingrani making his first major league start thing, but that’s it, right?

Yeah right!  That’s a big deal.  Cingrani was outstanding in Triple-A Louisville in a small amount of action this season and he’ll test his abilities tonight against a team that should be similar to those he faced in Louisvlle.

It’s Reds and Marlins.  Discuss the game here! Fishy-Fishay!  Go Reds!

157 thoughts on “Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.18)

  1. So I turn the TV on, walk away to get some dinner. I walk back in and the first thing I hear is:

    “… and Cozart is loving it in the two hole.”

    I won’t lie, I am not too ashamed to admit I laughed.

  2. This game features a Cuban born defector on the mound who throws in the upper 90’s. Too bad he pitches for the Marlins.

  3. Choo helps too. Hey, I’d rather have Joey driving doubles in the gaps as well, but if you draw a lot of walks and the guy behind you is hitting .345; I’ll take it.

  4. First time listening to Marty this season. No wonder Reds fans are so negative, listening to him talk about Joey Votto “struggling”

    • To be fair Joey is struggling. It’s just that while he’s struggling he’s still a base-clogging monster the likes of which has rarely been seen. As a fan I can understand why it would seem bad right now, compared to his normally inhuman self.

  5. If he intended to throw that hight heat out of the zone to his opposite number, it was great; if not, it could have been a little problematic.

  6. Hey, Reds.

    I just met you and this is crazy, but how about you score some runs for me maybe.



  7. Nice chris. One of the reasons phillips has so many rbi is because votto is on base a lot. Exactly

  8. Wow… Joey Votto 0-0, 2 BB on 9 pitches. Two walks into the game and Votto has yet to swing his bat.

  9. I think the Reds would have kept Didi if they had the choice between him and Cozart. But Towers was in love with Didi, and no Didi meant no Choo.

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