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10 thoughts on “Our Hats Off To You, Mr. Ben Revere

  1. I saw this on Fox News this morning. They made a connection to Revere and Boston because of Paul Revere. They showed his catch over and over. They then showed a pic of his glove. On it Revere had written with a black marker, “Pray for Boston” and then made that super awesome catch. Nice catch Ben Revere. Nice sentiment Ben Revere.

  2. That was absolutely one of the best catches/defensive plays I have ever seen. Not just the catch but being able to get up and get the double play.


  3. Really great to see Revere reach the majors and make a splash, and also to see this glimpse of the man.
    We watched him many, many times playing for the Fort Myers Miracle – especially when the Sarasota Reds were in town. Good times.

    • @RedinTenn: I used to live (family still does but I now live in Orlando) in North Fort Myers. I went to a lot of Miracle games and spring training games for both Red Sox and Miracle. Did you live in Fort Myers?

      • @DatDudeMP:
        Eighteen years on Sanibel Island, seven in old Fort Myers. (I used to log in here as RedInFla)
        Nashville area now, for the past three years. Sure do miss having spring training and minor league baseball close by, especially the Reds. We see the Nashville Sounds (Brewers) occasionally, just to scratch the itch.

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