2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Angels at Reds (2013.04.04)

Bronson Arroyo takes to the mound for the first time this regular season after a nice spring training.  He will look to pitch the Reds to an opening series win over the Angels of Los Angeles County of Anaheim Northern California.  Things to watch for today include: Will good Bronson show up today?  Will Choo get hit for a 3rd consecutive game? Will Joey Votto ever get another strike to hit after last night’s walk-off single?

It is a business day special game which means a 12:35 first pitch.  So if you are at work today, tell your boss to shove it* because you are watching/listening to the game.  Or if you are like me, sit back and enjoy spring break with a little Reds baseball action.

Enjoy and Go Reds!

*Warning: Telling your boss to shove it could have consequences.  Side effects include: decrease in pay, working holidays and weekends, or in rare cases, loss of job.  Telling your boss to shove it is not for everyone.  Children under the age of 12, men who are balding, or woman who are pregnant or may become pregnant may or may not experience side effects.  Telling your boss to shove it will not guarantee a Reds victory.  However, it will increase your Reds fan experience!

159 thoughts on “Game Thread: Angels at Reds (2013.04.04)

  1. “Any thoughts of benching Bruce is ridiculous.”

    Why?? He isn’t above being benched or given a rest. Heck, right now, I’d pinch hit for him in the 8th or 9th innings if there are RISP and the game is on the line. Especially against a LH pitcher. That might send a message to him. Whether or not his ego would pick up on the message, though, is another story.

    • @WVRedlegs: I think Jay Bruce realizes that he needs to start hitting without the team sending him a message by pinch hitting for him.

      I’m not clear who you’d pinch hit with – Devin Mesoraco, I guess. Lefties (Xavier Paul, Jack Hannahan) or switch hitters (Izturis, Robinson) don’t necessarily provide an improvement.

    • @WVRedlegs: good grief. he’s had a slow start against two really good pitchers and we’re in the 3rd game. he doesn’t need a rest.

      sure, pinch hit for him if you think it’s a bad matchup, but i don’t think this is about his ego or whatever.

  2. I’m sick of Votto coming up with the bases empty today! C’mon leadoff guys, stop clearing the bases.

  3. Two big K’s for Bruce already today. I would bet almost anything, tomorrow’s OF will be Heisey in CF, Choo in RF, and Paul in LF. Bruce needs a day of rest to get his mind right not his body. Unless its a favorable pitching matchup with Bruce and the Nats scheduled starter.

  4. Does Arroyo pitch the 7th? Top of the order due up, I hope not. Sam LeCure would be a good choice here.

  5. I’m hoping they keep Simon on a short leash since he hasn’t pitched much in Spring Training

    • @Bill Lack: Because (what was) the pitchers’ spot is leading off next inning. Cozart hasn’t accomplished much at the plate today. Simon is a long reliever and I think that how long he pitches depends on how he performs in the first inning.

    • @Bill Lack:

      Why did they double switch Cozart out in the 7th? Is he going to let Simon throw more than one inning?

      Smart money says that Izturis quickly becomes a Baker favorite. Unfortunately. Over/under, Izzy gets ABs: 150.

      • Smart money says that Izturis quickly becomes a Baker favorite.Unfortunately.Over/under, Izzy gets ABs: 150.

        If Cozart keeps going hitless I wouldn’t blame him…

  6. I like Heisey in the two spot, if for no other reason than he gets a close up view of how Choo handles his business at the plate. Osmosis, do your thing!

    Meanwhile, Bruce doesn’t need to get his head together, he needs to get his swing together. Hard to do that from the bench…

  7. Bill — maybe they aren’t expecting Simon to make it out of the full inning .. and need to be able to switch him with the Pitcher who will finish Inning 8 up as well

    • @Bill Lack: I guess he recognizes that Cozart’s lineup spot is unlikely to hit again, and he trusts Izturis to play a capable shortstop for ~2 innings after hitting once. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

      Why all this resentment towards Izturis? What has Cozart done today?

  8. Has anybody heard/read, what is Chapman’s availability? It would be three games in four days …

  9. Choo is really making me want to trade Billy Hamilton in a package for a stud LF and then extend Choo.

    I know it’s not financially feasible, but it would be great.

  10. I would like to see Chapman mix in more sliders. I think he threw all fastballs last night. That can be dangerous with the top of the lineup due for the Angels.

  11. Alright.. Here we go!! Chapman wanted to close. Here comes a rare situation when he has to earn it.

  12. Yes!!!! Tuned in just in time to hear Chapman get the final out. Two in a row for the now Reds Hot Reds team. Next!

  13. and three one run games, that makes sense with these two clubs. slightly higher scores in each game, which also makes some sense given the starters. overall, you have to say these two clubs match up pretty well.

  14. The first order of business against the Nationals is to plunk Bryce Harper in his first at bat, just for the halibut.

    • You go through the entire Angels series without a fish joke and then when you get to the Nationals you make one? That is madness Sir.

    • The first order of business against the Nationals is to plunk Bryce Harper in his first at bat, just for the halibut.

      I like it. Just don’t plunk him, put one in his earhole.

  15. good series, solid start to the season, too bad G1 got away from them.

    LA’s bats seemed to be waking up a bit today, good time to see them leave town!

    excellent job by LeCure and Chapman. Choo continues to impress. Good Job by Hannigan getting the SF on the 0-2 count. Would like to see some life from Bruce’s bat, but it’ll come around.

  16. Whew, man yet another nail biter. Let’s hope Bruce and Votto wake up, at this rate I’m gonna have a heart attack waaayyy before 30.

  17. Bruce seems to come out zeroed in after being given a day off by Baker before. It is not too early to do just that this weekend. Depending on the pitching matchups, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bruce sit either Friday or Sunday’s game.

  18. Big win for the Redlegs! The next time they take the field, I will be there cheering them on in person!

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