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Say Hello to the 2013 Redleg Annual

Members of the Nation, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the 2013 Redleg Annual ebook, a preseason guide to all things Red along with a bit of history thrown in for a bit of flavor. Redleg Nation makes a strong showing with contributions from myself, Steve Mancuso, Chris Garber, and our Dear Leader, Chairman Chad Dotson. The whole project was put together by Joel Luckhaupt, formerly Slyde of Red Reporter.

It’s only $4, which is a pretty great deal if you like baseball and the Reds. Click here to grab a copy and checkout the cover image below.


36 thoughts on “Say Hello to the 2013 Redleg Annual

  1. I don’t mean to be rude but ‘Complete 2013 Reds Projections!’ on a cover that introduces Chapman as a member of the ‘Nasty Rotation’? He hasn’t even made the rotation yet. That’s like a magazine from September predicting that Mitt Romney won the election, it’ll look pretty silly after a certain date.

    • I don’t mean to be rude but ‘Complete 2013 Reds Projections!’ on a cover that introduces Chapman as a member of the ‘Nasty Rotation’? He hasn’t even made the rotation yet. That’s like a magazine from September predicting that Mitt Romney won the election, it’ll look pretty silly after a certain date.

      Nice try, but you missed several other possible flaws with the cover. Maybe you should go back to finding Eight Things Wrong with p. 32 of Highlights magazine.

      Some Hints: Aroldis Chapman cannot balance a baseball on his index finger. Mat Latos’ mouth is not triangle-shaped. And Johnny Cueto’s belt does not float in space.

      Good luck to our other eagle-eyed readers.

  2. @redsfanman: Well, considering that the Reds have repeatedly said Chapman is in the rotation, I don’t think that’s so off-base. I think the job his certainly his to lose. Something he’s not likely to do.

  3. @redsfanman: Let’s see. You don’t mean to be rude. The editors here write articles for an anthology about the Reds, for Reds fans. The vast majority of the anthology has little to do with whether Aroldis Chapman is going to be a starting pitcher. On the day we announce the publication, you rush to be the first commenter, and criticize it as “looking pretty silly” based on your minority viewpoint about Chapman’s role. Not to be rude, but that’s a clown move, redsfanman. You need to get a sense of perspective. Not to be rude.

  4. The articles in this anthology from Redleg Nation editors include:

    Bronson Arroyo, Mystery Pitcher – Chad Dotson

    How Rebuilding an Amateur Scouting System Built a Championship Roster – Chris Garber

    Offensive and Pitching Projections – Jason Linden

    Modern Moneyball – Steve Mancuso (about what the new Moneyball is and how the Reds can practice it)

    You’ll also find articles on Shin-Soo Choo, Joey Votto, Todd Frazier, Johnny Cueto, Jay Bruce, Aroldis Chapman, Sean Marshall, an interview with Ryan Hanigan, a minor league preview by Doug Gray, and much more. If you like Ryan Freel, there is an article about him.

  5. So this is how you spend your free time, yeah?

    I cannot wait to get my hands on this and check it out. Well done, fellas.

  6. @Jason Linden: The Reds also said Chapman would be in the rotation last spring. They’ve also repeatedly said that Mike Leake is in the rotation, 6 guys for 5 spots. One of them will be out, which one is a pretty major prediction.

    @Steve Mancuso: I have no doubt that the anthology will be worth reading but the cover made a bold prediction that is very likely to bug people with a very very common ‘minority viewpoint’ on a controversial issue. Oh well, I agree that the cover looks nice.

  7. With the enjoyment I receive from reading and participating in the Nation, I would simply be remiss to not jump on the opportunity to purchase a copy of the 2013 Redleg Annual. I also extend my sincere appreciation to all of the Nation’s editors and a special thanks to Chad for making this environment such an enjoyable experience. Thanks gentlemen, and I use that term specifically. BTW, ‘not to be rude!’, but when is the Nation going to get a female editor. We might get a slightly fresh and frankly, invigorating perspective from a woman.

  8. I really want to buy & read this but I don’t own an eReader device (Ipad, Kindle, etc). I also don’t know if I want to print off 100 PDF’s. Is this something I can buy and read online like a website or no? I would ideally like to read this on my computer while pretending I’m hard at work like I do for RL Nation http://redlegnation.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif . Forgive me if this is a dumb question, I’m somewhat technologically inept and have never bought an eBook before.

  9. If you are interested, here’s what’s in the publication:
    Introduction by Joel Luckhaupt
    1 Enjoy the Journey by Mo Egger
    2 Modern Moneyball by Steve Mancuso
    3 Is Joey Votto the Best Hitter in Baseball? by Kerry Moss
    4 Who is Choo? by Geoff Taylor
    5 The Future of Todd Frazier: Is There Hope for 26-Year-Old Rookies? by Greg Gajus
    6 Ryan Hanigan Speaks by Mark McKinniss
    7 Is Jay Bruce’s Inconsistency a Bad Thing? by Aaron Lehr
    8 Choo-sing Offense over Defense by Steve Engbloom
    9 Johnny Cueto With a Twist by Asher Kohn
    10 Bronson Arroyo: Mystery Pitcher by Chad Dotson
    11 Ecce Homer! by Kris Vigneron
    12 Chapman: Starting Over? by Josh Shreve
    13 The Marshall Plan by Bryan Harris
    14 Commentary: Act Like You Haven’t Been There Before by Brian Welch
    15 Up From the Farm – How Rebuilding an Amateur Scouting System Built a Championship Roster by Chris Garber
    16 Offensive Projections by Jason Linden
    17 Pitching Projections by Jason Linden
    18 Reds Horoscopes by Amanda Cross
    19 Minor League Preview by Doug Gray
    20 13 Prospects to Watch in 2013 by Brandon Kraeling
    21 Greatest Pitching Tandems in Reds History by Graham Gray
    22 The Hustle and Exhilaration of Ryan Freel, 1976-2012 by Ken Massey
    23 The 25th Anniversary of Mr. Perfect by John Heitz
    24 Nothing New on the Banks of the Ohio by Tara Franey
    25 Kevin Mitchell is Sayonara by Ken Massey
    26 Building a Reds Champion by Shawn Weaver

  10. redsfanman and his ridiculous, almost dogmatic ‘I know something you don’t know because I’m smarter than everybody ever and/or I can read the ‘signs’ and tea leaves and the moon is in Aquarius’.

    Look man, this is a magazine about the Reds. Are all three men on the cover members of the Reds? Yes? Then why split hairs about what it ‘implies’ about their roles on the team? It comes across as petty and childish. Cueto, Chapman, and Latos are three important pitchers for the Cininnati Reds, therefore there is absolutely no reason to whine about them being on the cover of magazine about the Cincinnati Reds.

    Get over yourself. Not to be rude.

  11. @CI3J: Alright, I was tired about this a few hours ago, but here we go again. I didn’t say I was smarter than everybody ever, but I did say the signs are there. I don’t read tea leaves or examine the moon, I read about the Reds and that has provided me with that insight.

    Are all three men on the cover members of the Reds? Yes. Are they members of the ‘Nasty Rotation’ as it says right under them? No. That’s a projection – and a bad projection at that – (on a page that advertises ‘Complete 2013 Reds Projections’), on the outcome of a controversial issue. In my opinion it’ll look silly on Opening Day, ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ style. On the other hand it looks nice.

  12. As of this moment, right now, Chapman is in the rotation. He prepared as a starter, and is going into spring training as a starter. Therefore, the cover is not projecting so much as stating the truth of the moment.

    No tea leaves or late night peeks at the moon needed.

    • @Chad Dotson:

      This is, without a doubt, the dumbest conversation in the history of this site.Go buy the annual. It’s good stuff.

      I was dealing with transporting a hurt skier/spouse back to our home and thus came late to the story on Aroldis Chapman. By the time I got to the comments, the conversation had YET AGAIN regressed to the all too familiar bickering about what Chapman’s role will be (rather than: should be?). So I stopped reading that thread, to move on to this thread, only to find the same nonsense.

      ENOUGH. Do I need to have Jennifer Lopez kick your butts? Your sucking all of the joy out of this offseason.

      I’m looking forward to reading the annual. Just baseball and none of this nonsense.

    • @RC:

      Yes! Please send Jennifer Lopez right over to kick my butt. I’ve been a bad, bad boy.

      Good answer, lol.

  13. I’m only 10 pages in and this is by far the best $4 bucks I’ve spent in a long time. Almost as good a deal as $5 Outer View seats!

  14. I think as far as the Chapman debate is concerned, nobody is convincing anybody of anything at the moment. The debate is played out and all opinions have been heard.

    Looking at the post that @Joel made above, The 2013 Redleg Annual looks like something I am certainly going to buy. I’ll buy it as soon as I get home tonight.

  15. I finally received my copy of the 2013 Redleg Annual. Apparently my instructions for downloading the document got lost somewhere in the vast Russian Steppes. I quick holler out to Joel and an even quicker response rectified that problem and I am cracking the cover and a cold one as I type. BTW, did anyone else notice that depicts Cueto, Latos & Chapman as the ‘Nasty Rotation’? I don’t mean to be rude, but where’s Bailey?

    Enjoy everyone! I certainly will.

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